Monday, September 3, 2012

We Did it!

Greetings D.A,R.T. technicians:
First, I’d like to say Thank you, but saying thank you seems insignificant. With your pledges, we have the funding to complete everything involved with this campaign plus money left over to properly advertise the books release next fall.
Because of your help, your posts on Facebook, and tumblr, your tweets ,  this dream of mine is now one step closer to reality.

When I started this, I had no idea if it would work. The amount of time and energy that goes into running a Kickstarter campaign is immense. I didn’t realize how much effort it takes to promote a Kickstarter of this type. There were days when things didn’t seem to be progressing at all. I’m not one to sink into despair but it tested my resolve. Yet, it was you, all of you, who helped me through those rough patches.
It was those times that your messages of encouragement really helped me and the love and faith you’ve given me, and Molly Danger will be rewarded.
There are a lot of people to thank. I’d like to thank Karalyn Johnson,  Brian Christman and Jamie Dallessandro at CGS, Darryl Taylor, Chris Keszycki, Mike Meyers, and the guys at the The Taylor Network, Sean Whelan and Jim Segulin from Raging bullets, the crew at Beaucoup pop, Wendi Freeman, from Double Page Spread, J.C.Vaughn from Diamond Scoop, Len Webb and my fellow Black Tribbles, Gail Simone, Vaneta Rogers, Steve Ellis and David Gallaher, Valerie Gallaher, Alex Simmons,  Billy Tucci, Paul Storrie, Cliff Parmeter  from Alterniverse, Mike , Remy and Ryan from Where Mosters Dwell, Bill Willingham, Matt Sturges, Fred van Lente., Jimmy Palmiotti for his advice and hundreds more.
More than that I’d be remised if I didn’t thank these people especially. Shawn Pryor, who more than being my friend and the go to guy for Action Lab became my sounding board. My wife Karine, who encouraged me to take the chance and do this mad Kickstarter dash. All of you, for your pledges, trust, faith and love.
And Theodor Seuss Geisel, for inspiring a man who though he didn’t have another mountain to climb.
It’s time to have some fun.

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