Sunday, October 7, 2012

Appearance at Jim Hanley's Universe!

"A Celebration Of Pop Music Comics" at Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan on October 10th

Depth Of Field Magazine brings together comic creators, fans, and press for round-table panel discussion, signings, and pre-NYCC revelry

On Wednesday, October 10th, at 7pm, Depth Of Field Magazine is proud to present A Celebration of Pop Music Comics at Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan.  Taking place on the eve of New York Comic-Con, the East Coast's largest media convention, this event serves as a kick-off party for an exciting weekend of revelry and pop-culture mayhem.  The evening will feature a roundtable panel with a selection of creators, publishers, and commentators – discussion will cover the relationship between music and comics, the two forms' shared histories and common inspirations, and the potential for music-themed comics to reach a greater audience.  Signings will take place following the discussion, with selections of the creators' work available for purchase.  The event will also feature complimentary refreshments from Tompkins Square Bagels, Lost Tribes Brewery, Angry Orchard Brewery, Saranac Brewery, and Southampton Brewery.  

Patrick Reed (editor of Depth Of Field Magazine) will moderate the proceedings, and participants include:

-David Gallaher (author co-creator of High Moon, Box 13, and The Only Living Boy)

-Kieron Gillen (author/co-creator of Phonogram, author of Uncanny X-Men and Journey Into Mystery)

-Sina Grace (artist of Li'l Depressed Boy, creator of Not My Bag OGN)

-Jamal Igle (creator of the upcoming Molly Danger OGN, artist of IDW's KISS series)

-Elizabeth Keenan (ethnomusicologist, pop culture writer, instructor at Fordham University)

-Andrew Robinson (DC/Dark Horse cover artist, artist of the upcoming The Fifth Beatle graphic novel, creator of Dusty Star and The Space Junkies)

-Charles Soule (author/co-creator of Image Comics' 27 and the upcoming Strange Attractors OGN)

-Avi Spivak (editor/artist of Human Being Lawnmower, artist of Norton Records' Kicksville Confidential)

-Vivek J. Tiwary (writer/creator of the upcoming The Fifth Beatle graphic novel)

-Ronald Wimberly (creator of Vertigo's new Prince Of Cats graphic novel, artist of Vertigo's Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm graphic novel)

Jim Hanley's Universe is located at 4 West 33rd Street in Manhattan, and is easily accessible by the B, D, F, M, N, Q, or R subway lines.  This event is free to the public.  For the most up-to-date information in days leading up to this event, check

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Jim Hanley's Universe has been New York's premier comic shop since 1985 – additional information can be found at .  For additional information or inquires on this event,, or email

New York Comic con is this week.

I'll be attending New York Comic con from Thursday October 11th to 14th at the jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. I'll be in Artist Alley this year, no scheduled booth signings at any publisher's booths but I'll be doing sketches and signing at table C1.
In addition:

I'll have D.A.R.T. Membership cards at the table as well as a limited edition print

Printed on glossy stock and limited to 50 copies for $30 dollars each.

The Sketch list is now open:

Blank covers $100
Head $40
Head and Torso $100 Black and white $150 with some color
Single figure with minimal background $200 and $250 with some color.
All commissions will be drawn on site.please bring reference for your character(s).

I accept  all major credit cards 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Greetings D.A.R.T. technicians:

             We have a few announcements today which are , very exciting.
First, Fulfillment: D.A.R.T Membership cards and Molly Danger t-shirts are now at the printers and should be delivered to all backers by the end of October, four months earlier than I was originally thinking it would be. The unfortunate demise of my involvement with the Historians has become a win-win for us all.

I would also like to announce the addition of my new Editor, Adam P.Knave,
 to the Molly Danger family.

Adam is an Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer and editor who has written fiction (CRAZY LITTLE THINGS, STRANGE ANGEL, and STAYS CRUNCHY IN MILK), comics (AMELIA COLE, THINGS WRONG WITH ME, stories in TITMOUSE MOOK vol 2, FIRESIDE MAGAZINE issue 1, and many more), and columns for sites such as thefoonote, TwoHeadedCat, Comics101, PopCultureShock, and MamaPop. He was also one of the editors of Image’s POPGUN anthology.

I’m really excited about having someone with Adam’s pedigree and skill set assisting me in bringing Molly to life. I think it only strengthens us and will hopefully make Molly Danger the best graphic album series possible.

And Finally, I’ll be appearing at New York Comic Con from October 11th-14th at Artist Alley table C-1. A full signing schedule will be coming in the next few weeks.



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changes afoot!

Greetings D.A.R.T. technicians:

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve spoken to you as a group. Since the end of our successful Kickstarter campaign and I’ve been hard at work the entire time. Production on some of the offered incentives is underway and should be delivered soon.
As some of you know, I recently announced a project that I was preparing to do for IDW publishing. Unfortunately, circumstances have recently changed and Ron Marz and myself have exited the project. I still have a great relationship with Ron and the staff at IDW, and look forward to a healthy future with all parties involved.

So you may ask, what does this have to do with the price of coffee?
Well you may not be asking that, but you know that thought pops into your head once in a while.
What this means, is that instead of waiting to  until the Spring to begin working on Molly Danger book one, I’ll start drawing the book in October of this year and will be looking to have the Kickstarter exclusive version of the book in your hands by July of 2013, instead of the originally projected October release.
When a door closes..