Monday, April 16, 2012

C2E2 and "The Molly Question!"

I just returned from C2E2 (or the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) last night, I'm still a bit tired from the trip but I had a great time. I had an awesome time to be honest because not only did people come up to me to discuss their enjoyment of my past work, but many of them asked me about Molly Danger. I guess that means the word is getting around.

In the next few months details will be trickling out as we move towards the next phase  of production which will be fundraising. I haven't applied yet, I'm holding off until August, partially because I will be hip deep in a soon to be announced project , and some of the incentives I'm planning won't ship until December. At that time, this blog will become a  Donors only access blog. At that time we'll also be making a slew of announcements , including who our publisher and creative partners will be.

What I can discuss is the format.

Molly Danger is planned as a 4 book ,8.5 x 12 Hardcover Graphic Album series scheduled to be published beginning July of 2013. We’re planning on releasing the hardcover as a limited edition of 2000 copies which will retail at 19.99 USD. The books will also be released digitally several months later. Any additional funds raised for book one will immediately be used for book two and so on. The series is set to ship bi annually (Two books per year) and once completed will be packaged as a collected trade paperback.

I'm a-skewing the monthly comics format because this is format that I believe my work shines in. I wanted to offer something that is rarely seen in the American but the standard in the European comics market.

Now since you guys have been so patient, lets see some art!

The original Molly Dancer turnaround and "M" Icon design

two pages from one of the aborted Molly Danger scripts.

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